Shock to the Coin Purse: Patches Released for System Shock 2 and Thief 2

Wait what!? Out of the blue comes two user made patches for these veritable classics. Thief 2 remains one of the best games ever made, and if you've never played through either of these titles this seems like the moment you have been waiting for. The patches are available here along with the details of what they do.

 If you don’t own either of these games Thief 2 can be found on Steam, GOG, and various other reputable sources. System Shock on the other hand, isn't really available anywhere. Unless you can find yourself an old boxed copy of the game on Amazon, your best bet is to visit a site that provides something the rhymes with abhorrent.

 Get into it you taffers.


Liberty for All: Modding GTA4

Oh Liberty City. I've spent countless hours recklessly disobeying your traffic laws and gun regulations, and despite all of this time invested, I keep coming back for more.Grand Theft Auto 4's urban metropolis remains the most stunning realization of a city in a game ever. Sadly, it is starting to show its age.

Lucky for you (and me) there is a prolific modding community that has been hard at work overhauling nearly every aspect of the game. From the ridiculous to the simple, you can completely tailor your experience.

With so many mods out there it can be daunting to get started. To make your life easier, here is the collection of mods I am running.

The goal is simple: enhance the GTA4 experience without substantially changing the core game. With that in mind here are my picks for the best mods for Grand Theft Auto 4.


Cashing in the Chips: Dishonored Trailer

The new Dishonored trailer features a shocking progression of violence... The likes of which hasn't been seen since... Straw Dogs? The Hundreds Year War? I'll let you decide...

Dishonored is out on October 9th in North America, and October 12th in Europe.

Dark Souls Review

Ask and ye shall receive, Dark Souls has arrived on PC. Praised for its design and challenge, Dark Souls harkens back to the days when getting hurt couldn't be cured by cowering behind a wall and enemies weren't as disposable as the game's packaging. Dark Souls punishes the weak, but if you are up for it, the payoff is one of the best gaming experiences in recent memory.

It has to be said that Dark Souls is a straight port of the console version of the game . Don't expect to find many of the features you are used to seeing in a PC options menu. Fortunately, an enterprising chap has already found a work around to the limited resolution. The fix provides the depth of customization that will make Dark Souls a great looking game. It is also advisable to play with a controller as the keyboard and mouse support is poorly implemented.

This lack of optimization is a shame, however if you can get past it, you are in for a stellar experience.

And by stellar I mean brutal. You are going to die, a lot. This is a game that never holds your hand.